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Special recognition should be given to music director and orchestrator Lucian Smith for the magnificent arrangements. It was simple and beautiful, blending the styles together [...] There were songs in the piece that could easily be transported to radio today!” - Michael Bradley Block

— Theatre In the Now, NYC

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Lucian Smith

composer | wordsmith
keys | rhythms | vox


Growing up Lucian was inspired by his musical family and began writing grand compositions on a beta version of a music notation software typing notes onto the staff with a keypad. He was always playing piano and remembers a defining moment when entering the pipe room behind the organ at church and being inside amongst the monstrous machine as it was played. This was his first experience with automation which began to shape his intrigue with programming and synthesis.

After training at Capitol Conservatory of Music and completing the Professional Actor Training Program at WSU he began performing across the country, Music Directed cult rock musicals and original works in NYC and finally began teaching music at Performer's Theatre Workshop.

Lucian now resides in Los Angeles and makes music from his home studio pursuing his passion to define irregular tones and off-setting rhythms while hoping to inspire new insight and perspective for listeners of all kinds.

There are those who make music and those who are are made of music. Lucian is the latter. Not only is he a consummate singer, player, and songwriter, but more importantly he never loses sight of the fact music is meant to be shared and performed.” - Danny Greenberg

— Bridges and Tunnels Music

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